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Help! I have a rebounding hound!

Feb 13, 2015 07:49PM
Imagine being able to prevent your dog from running to the door or out the door and jumping on guests and both you and your dog enjoying the moment.

Dogs jump. I see it every day. One of the most common complaints our office receives from clients is that their dog jumps, especially on guests. Some dogs bounce off and rebound repeatedly. Again and again and again!

If your dog is a very serious jumper consider teaching something more dramatic than a simple sit command. We teach many of our clients to train their dog to lay down for attention when visitors arrive. Sometimes we even add a roll over or lay on your back.

You can make it fun by pointing and saying “bang” for the dog to lay down. Dogs learn to go down and roll on their side or back for greeting-belly rubs. Kongs with a little soft cheese or peanut butter can also provide a positive distraction. After being rewarded with a bit of something in the Kong dogs are more likely to then spend time enjoying their Kong than returning to guests and jumping.

There is also an amazing tool that our clients have used with incredible success. Known as the Manners Minder aka Treat and Train this awesome piece of equipment is a kibble/treat dispensing appliance that features a remote control.

You read it right…. you can move around normally while rewarding your pooch for remaining in one place while visitors enter your home! Invented by Veterinary Behaviorist, Dr. Sophia Yin, this clever device not only helps dog owners to train their dogs, but also enhances the relationship between owners and dogs as it is very user friendly. Even the busiest person can take the little bit of time required to use it.  Everyone benefits and is happy.

When I originally discovered this tool about three years ago we used it to help teach assistance dogs to remain in one place while their owners engaged in activities that tempted the dogs to move, such as preparing and eating food.

Today we recommend it to clients for a variety of reasons that range from teaching their dog to remain in a specific place while guests arrive or while they are feeding the children or changing the baby. Basically whenever they prefer or need their dog to be settled and calm. Affordably priced, this is one of the best tools on the market.

Debbie WinklerDebbie Winkler, CABC, CPDT is the owner of Humane Domain in Sykesville, MD. Debbie is an animal behavior consultant, trainer and educator with a career spanning more than 25 years. Debbie can be reached at 410-549-1135 for questions or to schedule a training session.

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