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Labor Day Road Trip Tips

Sep 01, 2015 01:22PM
Planning a road trip this holiday weekend?

Our friends at Milo's Kitchen have put together five helpful tips to make sure that Fido has a happy, healthy, and tail-wagging good time?

DOGGY-DO #1: TAKE A JOY RIDE Was your pup’s last 'road trip' a trip to the vet? Before your trip, take him on a short ride to the park to make the car a place where fun things happen, too.

DOGGY-DO #2: MAKE CRATE TIME 'TREAT TIME' Make your dog's travel crate a happy place by doing a “test crating” and rewarding Fido with lots of his favorite treats. Soon, he'll be drooling when he crawls inside.

DOGGY-DO #3: PAMPER YOUR PUP Just like humans, dogs feel most peaceful in a calming environment, so give your dog a back rub and play soothing music while you're driving.

DOGGY-DO #4: BRING 'HOME' WITH YOU Because dogs like familiarity, bring along their snuggly blankets and favorite toys. On arrival, set up your dog's crate and keep your feeding and walking routine.

DOGGY-DO #5: SPOIL THEM SILLY While on a trip, it's even more important to reward your pup for good behavior. Treats build positive associations with new sights and sounds.

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