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Fall Contest Winners

Sep 11, 2015 12:03PM

Adrienne & Harley

What My Dog Means to Me Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you to everyone who entered the contest, your stories and photos are both heartwarming and inspiring.

Katie and Dozer

Submitted by Katie-   This was the best dog I could have ever asked for. He was the greatest dog I’ve ever had and the one I shared my life with the longest. This is my dog Dozer. He is no longer with us, however he was a huge part of our family. He passed away at 11 1/2 years last year on November 2nd. Dozer meant everything to my family and I. He left a huge hole in our heart when he passed. He was like a furry baby brother who followed my sister and I everywhere. He loved going on adventures in the woods behind our house. I miss those walks with him dearly. I have always been a huge animal lover and his passing was what made me realize I really want to pursue a career focusing on canines. The bond one can share with an animal, especially that of a dog is immeasurable. After Dozer passed, my sister and I decided to volunteer at the Humane Society of Harford County. We missed the bond we shared with a canine companion, so we figured we would give some hope and love to the homeless animals of our county. It has been a very rewarding experience and I love being there for the animals and being surrounded by people who share a compassion and love for animals as well. My dog may not be here with me, but he still means so much to me and I miss him every day. I’m glad I’m able to give the animals at the shelter the love I gave to Dozer. He had a good life and I’m glad to be able to help other animals through his memory. I have never had another dog or another pet impact me so greatly like he did. I’m so fortunate that I got to share my time and my life with him and I will never forget that. •



Adrienne & Harley

Submitted by Adrienne- This is a perfect visualization of the unique personality of my dog, Harley. As a loving, young-at-heart, spirited, ten-year-old Border Collie, she is not only my family pet but my sister as well. Since I am an only child, people joke with me about her being the closest thing I have to a sibling. What they don’t understand is that I really do view her as one in my life! Looking out for each other, watching tv together, and even fighting (yes, we do fight), we share a close relationship. Although Harley doesn’t exactly see me as an authoritative fi gure, we have tons of fun together. She also does not let me down on kisses… any time, any day, she’ll give me a smooch. If she’s in a good mood or just saying sorry for her occasional bad girl moments, she loves to lay on her back and ask for one of her favorites in life—belly rubs. In November of 2014, Harley wasn’t herself, but for a valid reason. Harley for most of her life has had a heart murmur, but more recently her heart disease was worsening. Without knowing one night while I was asleep, my parents stayed up with our very sick pup. The next morning we went straight to our local vet, and then were referred to a cardiologist in Towson. I had hardly known that there were cardiologists for dogs, but they truly helped save my dog’s life. With more pills a day than I take in a year, we are so blessed to have our pup back to her normal puppy-like self. I could not be happier to have the chance to spend more time with the pet I grew up with. With a pooch that loves cheese, chasing bunnies, getting drinks from the tub, the beach, water hoses, and playing badminton, how could a dog not be girl’s best friend? •


Gunnar & Amy

GUNNAR | Submitted by Amy-   My dog, Gunnar, is more than a dog. He is a companion, a value of true love, life, and peace. He is my silver la-bra-dorable guy. He has been my companion during challenges being recently diagnosed with Crohn’s and severe Ulcerative Colitis diseases. He is pure joy wrapped in a furry package and has pulled me through the worst times of recent past. My photo is of Gunnar-the wonder dog at the beach for the first time. He was looking right at me trying hard to read my face and see if these big waves behind him were okay to go play in. He is pure joy. He is my friend. He is beautiful. He is Gunnar. •






Pearl & Tracy

PEARL | Submitted by Tracy- My dogs mean the world to me. They are wonderful companions, great company, love unconditionally, protective, rewarding and I could go on and on. We have three dogs. I have chosen to speak of my little girl Pomeranian, Pearl. For many years I have had three dogs, in December 2011 I lost my girl Pomeranian, Cinamonn, at the age of 15.5 months. Cinamonn was born in our home and became very attached to my Mom. Cinamonn was the last living link I had to my Mom. When Cinamonn passed, at home in my bedroom it was a very very sad day for me. We have two male dogs at home. Although our two male dogs are wonderful, loving, etc. dogs I missed the bond I had with Cinamonn. I searched and searched and one day came across a woman who had a Pomeranian that looked just like the Pomeranian I had many years before. She graciously shared with me the breeders name and number. This is how we came about getting Pearl. I spoke to the breeder and finally there was a liter with a girl Pomeranian that I just felt a connection. We picked Pearl up in August 2012. Pearl is the sweetest little girl and has many characters of our dear Cinamonn. Pearl loves to be right by your side. She’s protective, loveable, loves to give lots and lots of kisses. Pearl loves car rides and loves to sit between the head rest and your neck. She loves to be very close to you; so much that she prefers to sleep on my pillow by my head or against my back. When she was a puppy, she would lay across my neck. Pearl quickly became the leader, the boss of our other two dogs, Tiny and Pepper. When Pepper became very ill in January 2014 and was finally released from the Pet ER, after being there for several days, Pearl was right by his side. Each time Pepper was taken to the Vets for blood work (which was weekly); again Pearl would check Pepper out and make sure he was okay when he returned home. Tiny is diabetic and for the first year she was with us, she would be with Tiny when he got his insulin shot. A few years back, I noticed at night time she started to lay on her back and place her front paws in a praying position. I tried several times to take her picture as I was amazed. I never knew a dog to pray. Each night thereafter I would watch her “make her bed”, lay down look around the room and then roll to her back, and pray. Pearl says good night prayers each night. I often wonder what she prays for, but I’d like to think she prays and thanks God for having us as her family. The question is “What my dog means to me!” My dogs mean the world to me. Pearl helped fill the void I had in my heart after losing Cinamonn. At times I feel Pearl has some of Cinamonn’s traits which makes me feel like I didn’t truly lose Cinamonn, but gained another 4-legged fur baby girl to love. I feel Pearl knows this and thanks God for putting us together. •


Gracie's first day home.

GRACE | Submitted by Jackie- I was rescued by the most beautiful, scared, homeless golden retriever. I named her Grace. I knew when I looked in her eyes; her name was Grace. By the Grace of God, something inside had been telling me that she was out there somewhere looking for me. I truly had no idea who she was; just that she was looking for me, and my family. Teddie is the oldest; she’s chow chow. Teddie’s been with me since she was an 8-week old pup. I knew she was looking for me too. Then there’s Rosie; she’s a dachshund--a tiny mini red one---with soulful eyes. She came to visit one winter and never left, thank goodness. Then, there’s MacGregor (Mac), the Schnoodle man in my life. Since the moment we locked eyes, he has not left my side. It was raining a torrential downpour, and my journey was detoured right past the Humane Society (Harford County). My car pulled itself into their parking lot. I was drenched by the time I got inside. I asked could I look at their pups (I call all dogs pups). I searched the cages. Man, those dogs were so adorable, but she wasn’t there...whoever she was. As I was leaving, the girl asked me if anyone interested me. I told her that I already had three pups but felt there was a golden that was looking for me...that I just felt it inside my heart. I told her how my best friend in my whole entire life had been my old golden, named Bear. He has been gone for many years now. The girl told me that less than an hour ago someone found this poor scared golden along the roadside and brought her there. The girl pointed down to here feet as she stood behind the counter. There she was. Scared, shaking, filthy, matted, thin, sad, this most beautiful golden was looking right at me from her cowering position. Her eyes let me know...finally she found me. I immediately filled out an application, paid a fee, and asked could I pet her, that she was my Grace. When my hands held her, my life changed instantaneously.  I went back every day for the five holding days and knelt outside her cage and talked to her. The sadness in her eyes was overwhelming. I went back the last day of the hold. I took my family of pups. I had a name tag, a collar, a leash, and a toy ready, for my Grace. The four of them walked around the grounds with me. It was as if they had always been together. They walked in tandem. They got in our small Honda Civic together. Grace sat in the middle of the back seat grinning, relieved, and totally surrounded in the love of the family for which she was looking. As soon as I pulled into our driveway, they got out easily and peacefully. They entered the yard, and I took all the leashes off. The others went about the yard as usual, and Gracie walked around a bit then lay in the garden behind the short rose bushes. Grace was home. Since that day, I have learned from my Grace that she had not had a happy life waiting for us. She is only four but has birthed many, many babies in her short life. Grace carries a stuffed toy to the bedroom every night and sleeps with it like it is one of her babies. She sleeps right beside the bed. Before I get into bed, I kiss Grace’s head, and she makes a quiet sigh. Around the house, she goes wherever I go. Mac fell in love with her the moment they met. He watches over her, they play like puppies. He lay nose to nose with her when she came back from being spayed. Mac didn’t leave her side for two days until she felt better. I wanted to tell you my story of how one sweet abused beautiful girl named Grace had found me, found us, and that we are so fi lled with Grace and love and joy today. A little over a year ago, Gracie found us...our lives have never been the same. Thank you for reading my story. Thank you for promoting pups rescuing families. •