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Clipper’s Canine Café and VeRUS - Care Packages for Service Dogs of Wounded Veterans

May 21, 2016 03:38PM
When Kate and Ann Bowman of Clipper’s Canine Café first started putting together canine care packages for the service dogs of wounded veterans back in November they asked all of their manufacturers if they’d be willing to donate food, treats or toys to their cause. VeRUS Food, a locally owned pet food company based out of Abington, Maryland was the only one that came forward. VeRUS offered to donate bags of food for as many care packs as Kate and Ann could make with no limit!

Clipper's Canaine Cafe Care Packs for Operation Enduring Warrior

The care packs have been a huge success and it’s really opened my eyes to what an important role these service dogs have in the Veteran's lives, said Kate Bowman of Clipper's Canine Cafe.  We have put together over 170 so far. VeRUS has donated bags of food for the care bags and it has started so many wonderful relationships for us! The groups who got the packs were great because we put the customer’s name that sponsored the pack on each one so when we got the pictures we were able to show the customers the specific dogs that were enjoying the packs they had sponsored.



Hero Dog Ruby receives a care pack.


Kate has decided to become a puppy raiser with Hero Dogs to help train a dog to be used by a wounded veteran.  I’ve learned so much since we started doing the care packs. I’ve still got my training classes but I’ve already had my home visit so I’m very excited!



VeRUS recently started a new program that Clipper’s Canine is happy to support, the “Round-Up Program” which will make it easy for customers to support Veterans with every purchase of VeRUS. When making your VeRUS purchase you can opt to “Round Up” your purchase to the next full dollar. The proceeds will be donated back to VeRUS For Veterans. We’re really hoping the new round-up program will be just as successful as the care packs. It gives customers a very easy and inexpensive way of giving back with every purchase they make! VeRUS For Veterans is a nonprofit organization that offers a platform for local businesses, organizations, and community to join together to help our men, women, and canine military. The VeRUS For Veterans volunteers are dedicated to helping our combat veterans that have risked their lives and sacrificed for our country to regain independence after experiencing events that we civilians could never fathom. VéRUS Pet foods and founders of VeRUS For Veterans, Dave and Krystle Eder, created this framework with one vision in mind: Leave no soldier behind.

To find out more about the canine care packages at Clipper’s Canine Café visit

For more information about VeRUS For Veterans visit

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