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From the Heart- Wendy Goldband, Baltimore Humane Society

Sep 14, 2018 11:17AM
It was over ten years ago when Wendy Goldband adopted her dog, Casey, from the Baltimore Humane Society.

After adopting Casey from the Humane Society, Wendy offered to help with marketing and the volunteer program at the shelter. Over the next few years, Wendy continued to volunteer and help at the Baltimore Humane Society while working at a full-time job. Her experience working in communications in the media industry coupled with a master’s in social work made her a perfect fit two years later when the full-time position for a Public Relations and Director of Marketing position at the Humane Society needed to be filled.

For the past eight years, Wendy has been working tirelessly to help the animals through her marketing and PR efforts. In addition to the marketing and PR, Wendy has brought numerous new programs to the Humane Society, including the free adoption for military and first responders’ program, the read to the animals’ program, the pet Shakespeare event, pet weddings, and birthday parties. Thinking out-of-the-box is what helped Wendy start many of these programs. Wendy said, “one of the aspects of her job she enjoys most, is impacting the lives of not only the animals but humans as well.”

Wendy conceived the idea of the bereavement support program and the Annual Pet Memorial Ceremony, which are perfect examples of lives being impacted.  The support program, led by the Memorial Park Director, helps pet owners through an extremely sad time. The Memorial Park provides a resting place for their animal where they can come and visit any time in the beautiful surroundings of the Memorial Park. It’s easy to see speaking with Wendy that she loves her job and helping the animals. “One of the best aspects of working at the Baltimore Humane Society is helping the animals who can’t speak for themselves, they need someone to advocate for them,” said Wendy. She also enjoys the fact that she never gets bored.  Wearing so many hats, keeping up with the events, and marketing keeps her extremely busy.

Thank you, Wendy, for all the hard work and time you put into helping the animals at the Baltimore Humane Society. For additional information on The Baltimore Humane Society, adoptable dogs, and how you can help visit