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Baltimore Humane Society

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1601 Nicodemus Rd.
Reisterstown, MD 21136

(410) 833-8848

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The Baltimore Humane Society was founded to protect our region’s pets and to address their suffering. Since inception, the Baltimore Humane Society has strived to reach its potential and to achieve its mission. Over the years, we’ve adopted a set of tenets that represent our commitments to the pets that come into our care. All of our efforts are centered around one word…humane.

Live Humane: Each individual has the power through their own actions and a focus on their personal ethics to live with respect for others and for other life.

Lead Humane: Each individual has the strength to demonstrate and to educate others on their conviction that all individuals, be they man or animal, deserve respect and humane care.

Believe Humane: Each individual can trust in the goodness and virtue of others and can believe that our community continues to move toward greater respect and humane treatment of the animals in our care.

Dream Humane: Each individual can dream of tomorrow and the opportunities it will bring to progress our mission of a humane community.